System requirements

  • macOS 10.8 or later
  • 60 MB of disk space
  • Internet connection (broadband is recommended)

Install application

  1. Log in to the Infrascale Dashboard, and go to the Support section in the lower part of the main page.

  2. Download Online Backup and Recovery Manager (OBRM) installation package (Online Backup for Mac).

  3. Run the downloaded package and follow instructions on the screen to install OBRM.

  4. Open OBRM, and log in with your backup account credentials.

Configure backup

On the Backup tab:

  1. Click Add (+) to select files and folders for backup.

  2. Click Schedule, and then select when to run backup.

    Backup will run on the specified schedule. If you want to run backup manually, click Run Backup.

  3. In the Email backup reports settings group:

    • From the drop-down list, select when to send backup reports.

    • In the box below, enter email address to send backup reports to.

      You can enter multiple email addresses separated by comma.

View backup status

Backup status is shown in the Progress window after the backup starts.

If you want to view the report for a specific backup, click the respective cell in the Status column.

To view the details of the backup report, click the down arrow to expand the window.

Recover data

On the Recovery tab:

  1. Locate and select one or more devices, files, or folders to recover.

  2. Click Recover, select where to save the recovered data, and then click Recover.

Delete backup data from the cloud

You can delete backed up devices, files, and folders stored in the cloud in OBRM.

For this, on the Recovery tab:

  1. Locate and select one or more backed up devices, files, or folders to delete from the cloud.

  2. Click Delete.