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Cloud Backup 7.3.3 for Windows

Remote backup policy: Bandwidth throttling and daily upload limiting.

Custom MSI building: Autologin for automatically created backup accounts.

Cloud Backup 7.3.1 for Windows

File upload speed was not shown in the backup progress window.

Cloud Backup 7.3.0 for Windows

Remote backup policy: Ability to scan personal files and folders of a user without providing the relevant Windows user credentials.

Remote backup policy: Option to include/exclude specific files and folders to/from scanning.

Remote backup policy: Option to include/exclude specific files and folders to/from the backup.

Support for Microsoft Windows Server 2019.

Support for Microsoft SQL Server 2017.

Reduced memory consumption when backing up and recovering with the retention policy applied.

Reduced memory consumption and improved performance for the backup sets containing a lot of small files.

Performance when backing up large data sets locally.

Include folders section was shown, if Scan all folders has been selected.

Inaccurate number of the processed files during recovery, if Recover all file versions was selected.

Occasional backup failure, if several locked files were uploaded in a large set.

Backup sets containing large files were occasionally uploaded in one thread.

Layout collapsed on 4K displays with 150% scaling.

Application update from the Dashboard led to the warning message from the Interactive Services Detection (if enabled).

Automatic Microsoft Internet Explorer proxy configuration was not applied.

Backup exchange failure due to PowerShell could not find the terminator.

Occasional failure when backing up huge files (Package size exceeded error).

Continuous failure when backing up the locked files despite proper VSS.

AccountCreatorRunner module execution failure on 32-bit operating systems.

Application crashed during the schedule setup (Cannot load Counter Name data because an invalid index exception).

Advanced Folder Backup failure (Nullable object must have a value) if Move Files to Cloud was selected.

Incorrect counters when recovering all file versions.

Scheduled time for the BareMetal Backup and the Advanced Folder Backup changed after modifying the backup settings.

Occasional backup failure (OutOfMemoryException error).

Remote backup policy: Long file paths resulted in the files being removed by the retention policy and then processed again during each next backup.

Occasional recovery failure (NullReferenceException error).

Cloud Backup 3.11.2 for macOS

Multi-Factor Authentication: Temporary authorization was expiring every day.

Cloud Backup 3.11.1 for macOS

Latest version of the application was crashing in macOS 10.10.

Unable to calculate the size of a folder during adding to backup set if it contains any files that cannot be accessed.

Cloud Backup 3.11.0 for macOS

TLS 1.2 support.

Retention policy work is reflected on UI now.

Sometimes random files failed to backup (IndexOutOfRangeException error).