To manage backups at a user account level and view the relevant details, click Backups in the sidebar menu, and then click G Suite or Edit ().

Select Automatically start a backup when a new mailbox is added to automatically start backup for new users accounts.

The system automatically archives the backups if the license is removed or a user account is deleted. Select Retain auto-archived backups and enter the number of days to retain the automatic archive, or leave blank to retain it indefinitely. This does not affect manually paused backups.

The following details are available for each user account backup:

Details Description
Account User account email address
Status Backup status (Active, In Process, Not active, Scheduled, Paused, Backed-up in another task)
Last backup Number of days from the last completed backup
Size Size of the backup data
Action Set of special actions you can take in respect to the user account backup (see details below)

The following special actions are available for each user account backup:

Action icon Action name Action description
Activate Activate backup
Pause Pause backup
Backup Now Start backup immediately
Cancel Stop backup in progress