Enable CAB for a company

  1. Sign in to your Infrascale Dashboard account.

  2. Go to Manage > Cloud Application Backup.

  3. Click Enable Cloud Application Backup for Company.

  4. Provide the required details.

    1. In the Company/Reseller box, select the company to enable CAB for.

    2. In the Email box, enter an account email address to be used to sign in to the CAB Management Portal.

    3. In the Data Center Location box, select the preferred AWS datacenter location.


      If you ever want to change the datacenter location, please contact Infrascale Support.
    4. Click Enable.

Access Management Portal

CAB Management Portal allows you to activate and manage backup tasks, restore and export the backup data, and manage CAB account settings.

Once you have enabled CAB for the company, you can access CAB Management Portal as follows:

  1. Sign in to your Infrascale Dashboard account.

  2. Go to Manage > Cloud Application Backup.

  3. In the Link column, click Manage for the desired company.

You’ll be redirected to the CAB Management Portal.

Backup and restore

Click the desired product below to view the related information about the CAB backup and restore functions.

Exchange Online SharePoint Online Groups OneDrive G Suite Google Team Drive Salesforce Box Dropbox

View CAB account activity

To view the details of all actions performed within your CAB account, go to ACCOUNT ACTIVITY in the CAB Management Portal.

The following details are available:

Date Date when the action was performed
User Activity Type of the action performed
Status Result status of the action performed
Performed By Email address of the account, which performed the action
Description Summary of the action performed

Manage CAB account settings

To view and manage settings of the CAB account, go to SETTINGS > Account in the CAB Management Portal.

Change the desired settings (if available), and click SAVE.

Setting Description
Account Name Name of the CAB account. Default is the name of the company, for which CAB was enable.
Email CAB account email address you have specified when enabling CAB for the company.
Data Center Location AWS datacenter location you have selected when enabling CAB for the company.
Partner ID Your partner identifier
Email daily report Select if you wish to receive the daily report on your CAB account activities and statistics. The report is sent to the address specified in the Email box.

Disable CAB account


This operation is irreversible, and includes termination of the CAB account and removal of all associated backup data.

To disable CAB account, in the CAB Management Portal:

  1. Go to SETTINGS > Account.

  2. Select I approve the removal of my data from Cloud Application Backup, and then click REMOVE ACCOUNT.